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You’re probably thinking, how does this work? Well, it’s simple. Let The Academic Writers walk you through the steps to your academic success!


Step 1: Gather your assignments.


Go ahead, gather all of your assignments for the upcoming semester and ask yourself the following questions, if you can answer yes to any of them, The Academic Writers will be a perfect fit for you!


  1. Are there certain weeks (especially during midterms and finals) that seem overloaded with assignments?
  2. Are you able to meet all of your deadlines, especially when you have multiple assignments that are due at the same time?
  3. Are you an absolute expert in all of these subjects? If not, are you able to meet the demands of a class that isn’t your specialty?
  4. Do you have any professors that demand high-quality writing (grammar, punctuation, citation, etc.) and you fear that your writing skills may not be up to par?
  5. Are you an athlete or an active member of a campus club? Do these activities take up a majority of your time, leaving little for academics?


Step 2: Fill out our order form.


Step #2  is the most important step of them all!  Your order form gives us all of the important, need to know information about your assignment.  The information that you supply guides your professional academic writer to successful completion of a 100% original paper with on-time delivery!  On your order form, we’d like to know few important things, such as:


  • What is the topic/subject matter?
  • Is there a page requirement?
  • What is the title of your paper?
  • When is the paper due?
  • What writing style do you need (i.e. APA, MLA, etc.).


Step 3: Submit payment via our secure site.


Submit payment for your order and we can get started right away!  Unfortunately, without payment, we can’t get to work.  For your convenience, we accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express!  As you check out, don’t forget to enter the code theacademicwriters16% to utilize your very first discount!  After payment is secured, The Academic Writers will get to work, matching you with your very own personal academic writer.


Step 4: Wait for your on-time delivery!


Next, you patiently wait for your professional academic writer to deliver your quality, from scratch, 100% original, plagiarism free content!  During this time you may connect with your personal writer to ask questions or give feedback as often as you’d like.


Go out and enjoy a movie or spend some time with family and friends.  With free time galore, what will you do?   The possibilities are endless!


What are you waiting for? Place your custom writing assignment order  today!